While Life Happens…

How has the first six months of 2022 treated you all? I hope it’s been reasonably kind to you.

The first three months of 2022 ran along great. Then covid hit Mum and knocked her out flat, but as typical Mum style, she fought it while caring for me. No carers could come in, my sister could only drop off groceries and drugs at the door, I ordered some meals online… We just got on with it. It was very scary to watch someone you love struggling and knowing they were doing everything for you still. And touching wood, I still haven’t had Covid yet, even though most of my family has had it! I’m still wearing masks when I go to the shops and refuse to eat in the food court.

For four months I was banging out interviews for my site www.gigsinterviews.com with a rhythm suiting the frequency of headaches and shoulder pain. It felt great to be contributing to society again and showcasing artists and giving them exposure, which was my original goal back in 2010. Unfortunately come late April my headaches got out of control again and I made the difficult decision to go on hiatus again. Hopefully within the coming months, we will get some answers to the reasoning behind my pain.

In Late May Mum and I drove over to the beautiful Victor Harbour, South Australia to stay with family in an apartment. The drive was a big thing for Mum and me to do. We hired a 2021 Kia Carnival Van, which has become my dream car, but we’d have to win Tatts to buy a secondhand one even. I have a 2001 Toyota HiAce Commuter van, Nessie which I love but I can feel everything bump, stone and railroad track which causes pain. So, I would really like a new car! Who knows… With the change of government, the NDIS might eventually allow a purchase of a vehicle.

While we were away, we did so much 280427336_1177083806428132_3470945405103664027_nwithout big consequences of my leg nerve pain. I even went over crushed stones (which used to be a big no no), and the next morning I woke up with Zappy, (the electric zapping pain down my left leg) started, we just adjusted the stimulation and within ten minutes he was gone!

However, Mum and I had to laugh (afterwards). On Saturday just gone we helped one of my sisters and her partner moved into their brand-new house. That day my occipital nerve fired up big time. I thought I was smart taking “big guns” medication on Saturday afternoon and that night. Unfortunately, it turned into a migraine on Sunday! So, Mum and I found it funny that we went over to Victor Harbour without much pain, but it was paint fumes that did me in.


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