Dear Victorians:

How are you feeling?

Me, I’m very pissed especially at the Federal Government ie: the lack of vaccines And now there are variant strains! Until this lockdown, I was like it’s just the way it is (especially for people like myself) but now they have TWO vaccines but most people have to wait for more stock to come in! If you’re lucky enough to get a booking (especially for Pfizer) people have to queue up for hours, sometimes outside in the winter elements we Melbournians enjoy.

For people like myself, isolation is becoming basically has been for all the time. We can’t go to the movies or gigs in the fear of catching the virus which would KILL us! We can’t plan future gigs not knowing if we’ll be vaccinated then. We can’t plan to catch up with friends outside our homes because if one infected person passed us…GAME OVER!

AND for the aged care f’ up! How the f…. could the Federal Government decide to overturn the rule where workers weren’t able to work at various homes? Then it came out not many workers and patients hadn’t been vaccinated. It’s like COME ON!

I feel for Victorian businesses who are likely not to be able to come back from lockdown 4.0 or 5.0. They have built up their businesses over years, in some circumstances, DECADES! All their blood, sweat and tears down the drain, due to no fault of their own!

Federal and State governments have to do better! People should be able to do fun things again without living in fear for themselves and for their loved ones.


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