The Year That Was 2020

Really… What can I say about 2020? Besides a global pandemic, it seems 2020 hasn’t gone to plan for lots of people. So let me right now say “Fuck off 2020 and don’t let the door’s slapping you on your arse stop you from leaving us!”

In a positive light, I think 2020 has forced a lot of people to revaluate their lifestyles and their work/life balance. It has for me. Until September I was pretty sick but hid it well to those people who didn’t (and still don’t) realise what was going on… Hell, I was living it and kept telling myself “it’s not THAT bad” as I spent countless days staring outside our sliding door, trying to breathe through nausea from migraines. But I got through it, and even though my life decisions have changed about working, writing and even using my portable eyegaze system to avoid bad headaches… It’s not THAT bad! It’s about adjusting and realising you’re not young anymore! 😛

I’ve noticed how peoples’ opinions on “Rona” are very different. I watched a confronting Greys Anatomy episode a couple of weeks ago which prompted Mum and me to have a conversation about my wishes. (Boy, they’re showing the effects of the pandemic worts and all) I wish people who think people are being “over-cautious” could watch that particular episode because if people understood the consequences of the vulnerable getting this virus, they just might think twice suggesting “getting back out there!” Yes, we’re lucky to live in Australia, but all it takes is ONE person to spark an outbreak. Look at NSW! I’ve only been out about six or seven times since March, once in our local small shopping centre, and that freaked me (and Mum) out because some people weren’t wearing masks or trying to be socially distant! That was in November!

I really, really, really hope 2021 is a better year for everyone! I hope you stay well and safe! And I hope you’ve had some good moments you can look back on.


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