2020 started with a different feeling. Maybe feeling disillusioned by the bushfires we had all around Australia which had especially around Christmas. For the first time in years, Mum and I didn’t watch the fireworks on TV (although around 9 pm we went outside and watched fireworks from nearby), but by fluke around midnight I was watching a +LIVE+ concert and 2020 was brought in by one of our all-time favourite ROCK songs Lakini’s Juice! Oh yeah, baby!

Healthwise, things have declined and we are waiting to have scans and x-rays to be done to determine what’s going on. Something is going on with my neck, plus the headaches (we’re pretty sure we know what’s causing headaches and that will be an “easy fix”). The catch is, I have to choose whether to risk going into a hospital to have these tests done. Normally I wouldn’t hesitate, but with this coronavirus, it’s like “Do I risk it? Do I risk my family, friends and workers?“  Contracting this virus is at my family, friends’ and my minds, but we’re going about life as normal. (and we’re definitely not stocking up on toilet paper and god knows what else) I think I will have the tests done because this pain I’m having is impacting every aspect of my life at the moment and it having a ripple effect on others’ lives too.

As I’m having pain every day, I’m finding having free will or choices make me feel empowered. Last month I joined two libraries so I can download eAudiobooks to listen to in bed. Reading in bed has been a dream of mine since I was a teenager so I was over-the-moon! Soon we’re mounting my old eye gaze system mounted over my bed so I will be able to control everything in my room with my eyes, so then I will be able to access Audible, Spotify, Netflix, Youtube, etc from my bed! I will be able to spontaneity choose what I desire. At the moment I set up a “Tonight” folder and number the shows or movies I feel like watching and hit a wand switch to control it (with limitations). So I can’t wait to get the eye gaze setup! I’m also getting a Bluetooth car radio for my van. This will allow me to pipe my “computer” voice through the car’s speakers so that the driver can hear me, and most excitingly I will have control over the radio station through iHeart Radio and Spotify! Booyeah! I’m very stoked about this, Mum jokingly says it’s TROUBLE! Again it’s about choice!


One thought on “Choices

  1. Sorry to hear you are not to well again jac. Sending love and hugs and lots of prayers to you beautiful lady. Xxx🦋🦋❤️❤️

    Thanks Aunty Alison. I’m well…just falling apart :). Hope you’re well xx


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