Silent Struggles

The other day I got in touch with one my old Tafe friends who has doing her own exhibitions of her illustrations around the state. I had intended to go to one to check her wonderful creative drawings out, but I won’t make it. So I inboxed her instead to congratulate her and told her how I’m in awe of her as she’s written children’s stories to, which has always been a dream of mine to get one or two published. This is on my “ONE DAY” list.

This gorgeous friend suggested I should submit my story to publishers on certain days where they look at unpublished authors. I thanked her, then I had to explain about my past ten years with chronic nerve pain which is under control, most days, getting off my meditations earlier this year…and now living with headaches most days and other unfolding issues we’re dealing with.

My friend soon apologised, but she didn’t know. Most people don’t know if someone is going through things if the person doesn’t announce it. There are only four people who know what’s going on with myself. My Mum, Dad, my sisters (to an extent) two workers and my good friend. I’ve been in denial a lot (which I do a lot if things are happening…

“It’s a phase” I tell myself)

So I guess people become great at hiding what’s really going on. “I’m ok thanks, just headaches…no biggie!” when deep down you know you’re not ok…you feel like shit constantly and you feel like a failure because you can’t do things like going to your nephew’s 14th birthday and writing interviews, but you don’t have the strength to do so.

I guess what I’m getting at is people are going through silent struggles all the time without the outside world not seeing it, because a lot of the time people don’t want to publise everything. So if you have an inkling that someone’s going through something, just being there (even not acknowledging your suspicions) is sometimes all what people need.


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