Sometimes life changes in an instant, making you really think “Life is precious”. Since June Mum and my lives have been shook upside down, but we’ve landed on our feet with Mum’s determination and my acceptance of our new situation we’ve found ourselves in. By the way, Mum is healthy. She had a fall and shattered and dislocated her elbow.   

I want to start by saying how proud of Mum I am. She was determined to get movement back into her elbow and hand. She’s back to be able to quilt, just after three months of not being able to move her elbow and most importantly being able to do fine hand motor skills. She’s now able to stick her rude finger up all the way, which is extremely important to her!

Obviously, Mum hasn’t been able to lift me and never will be able to again, so we’ve got three lovely workers coming everyday morning and night, seven days a week. It’s set times at the moment (it’s still cold at night so I don’t mind getting into bed by 8pm every night), we had a public holiday last Friday thanks to Melbourne’s obsession of AFL so we had no-one coming in, hence I had a sleep in and that night stayed up until 9:30!

The change of lifting using a ceiling hoist and sling took a few months to get my body used to – even now some days are good, other days through no fault to the workers, I injure my neck, shoulder and lower back. Due to my severe scoliosis and luque rods, I can’t physically bend in the middle, so all the pressure goes on my neck and lower back – my two weakest points. No, before you ask, I don’t do physio or any therapy as it causes more pain. Our family (apart from my brother) believes exercise is a dirty word!

Sadly, on June 1, we lost our girl Roxy. That’s what kinda begun our bad luck. On that weekend I made the tough decision; Mum and I had spoken about it since February, but Roxy kept bouncing back. But in her final week she had trouble getting into her bed and wasn’t her tap-dancing self, so on one Friday night I made that merciful decision and cried, and cried some more telling Mum and our dear friends who were staying with us that it was time, so Monday Mum, Danielle and Destiny (who was Roxy’s previous owner) surrounded Our Girl with love as she took her last breath. (yes, I’m tearing up while I write this part). We think she’s still hanging around because occasionally we hear her tap-dancing on the floor and sometimes, I feel something under the kitchen table where she sat for me to give her footpats. I’m grateful for seven years of her unconditional love and protection (she only growled when Mum was out and someone was at the door, then she started. Haha)

Looking forward, Mum and I are planning our first holiday since last June! We’re hoping to get away in March. Our good friend suggested a fully accessible apartment with a hoist and large bathroom. Yeah baby! We don’t know if we’ll fly or drive. It’s in the hands of NDIS! (my companion airfares aren’t covered, and Qantas is the only airline that can cope with my chair).

Professionally, I’m taking regular breaks from doing Gigs ‘n Interviews. I was really honoured to interview Busby Marou and Vanessa Amorosi, and I had a couple of interviews lined-up after those, but I postponed them due to headaches and other pain. Rob Thomas is still my ultimate interview but 2019 won’t be the year. I think sometimes I want to prove to myself and others I’m doing SOMETHING other than watching Netflix or listening to audiobooks. But if people think I’m lazy, that’s their opinion.


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