Baby Steps

We’re celebrating a huge achievement! I’m off all my drugs now! No Targin, no Lyrica, no Gabapentin… Only Endone occasionally on my really bad days!

No More Meds

It’s been a long journey, since December after my back stimulator operation. I had been on Lyrica and Gabapentin since my 20’s after having an incident causing nerve damage in my lower back and to my Occipital nerve (but this was mainly from using a headswitch for twenty-four years. Until then I was on NO drugs, not even Valium, and people were always shocked by this!

We had slowly weened myself off each drug, but the killer was the last drug Gabapentin! Because Lyrica was totally out of my system, when we stopped Gabapentin that was when the fun began. From last Wednesday morning to Friday night (When Mum had to get a doctor out) I was dry-wrenching non-stop to the point of risking of tearing something inside. Thank goodness the doctor gave me the super doper anti-nausea drug and luckily the violent dry-wrenching stopped.

I’m starting to eat more again (not very well because for some reason my mouth and swallowing has changed), but I’ve just eaten a shepherd’s pie for lunch.

Thanks to Netflix, I’ve binged Lucifer’s latest season (and now Tom Ellis is more welcome to pop in anytime…I was a massive fan before, but now… *insert dirty thoughts here*). And of course my friends and I are hanging for the GOT final on Monday!

I’m still taking one day at a time and have realised my life will never be the same to before the incident. But that’s OK. Maybe sometimes life has other plans than you strive for?

I have to thank Mum for seeing me through these 19yrs! You have always been my rock! Ps. I love you to the moon and back! X

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