Being An Adult

{please read this paragraph sarcastically} Everyone says to themselves when they were little, “I can’t wait to be an adult… I’m going to do this and this!” In my case it was “I’m going to become a journalist and have a family of my own and live independently!” Kiddies, adulthood sometimes doesn’t turn out to be what you wished for. In fact, adulthood sometimes sucks. So kiddies, stay kiddies! Adulthood is not what you think.

When I was little, I had a Cabbage Patch doll called Jeanette and I took her EVERYWHERE. I used to have a bag that Mum made for my communication board and Jeanette used to go in there with her head out of course so she could see everything. She became my baby and at a such an early age, I knew I wanted to be a Mum and believed I would have at least one child. Life hasn’t turned out that way, and this year I’m turning 41, so time has run out. (Unless I meet Mr Right tomorrow….only joking) being a mother won’t be on the cards, and like some women in a similar situation it makes me sad.

I have the upmost respect for mothers. Caring, nurturing and loving a tiny human is the hardest job in the world. As a woman you have the choice to terminate or adopt the child out if you think it’s the time to have a baby, and I respect that. I respect women who choose not to have children at all for whatever reason. I respect and have empathy for mothers whose babies are with them in spirit, you never ever stop being a mother. Step-Mothers are the greatest example of love. They choose to love and parent someone else’s child.

On this blog, I’ve often mentioned my Mum as she’s awesome, beautiful and the strongest woman us four kids know. She keeps on keeping on when times are tough. She loves her children and grandkids and will do anything for them. Thanks to Australia’s flu season this year I had five lots of antibiotics within two months. Finally my chest is clear, but now we’re dealing with something else. I wish I could send Mum on a long holiday with her best friend where they’d have the perfect view of the ocean and a continuous supply of wine! Instead she chooses to stay here, when she could be having a weekend away that us kids gave her for her birthday. Again, being an adult sometimes sucks.

My sister Danielle one Mother’s Day she gave me a little silver angel as she said I look out for the kiddies in our family. And I guess I’m a baby magnet. Whenever a baby or little person is around, my attention goes to them. Earlier this month, Mum and I flew to Queensland to meet the newest member of our family, little Elsie James Rogers from my baby brother and his lovely partner Pia. She was so tiny!


On Tuesday Mum and I babysit Olivia who’s almost eight months. She’s just learnt to shake her head; it’s so funny to watch. Anyway Mum sat her in her chair on our table in front of me while Mum folded the laundry. I wondered if Olivia would copy me shaking my head. She did! It’s so funny to watch her shake her head, and so heart-warming.


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